Let’s beat anxiety together

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, anxiety levels certainly increased 📈

But how do you feel now with gyms and bars opening again?

We still don’t know what the future will hold exactly so it is OK for you to still feel a bit anxious and uneasy. It is completely normal & expected.

However, there is a point where this could begin to evolve into a vicious cycle of mental disorders. Such as an OCD in repetitive, excessive handwashing!

So, this is what we do…
Take control of the situation as much as we can. Let’s not lose control by the excessive worrying.

👉🏼Step 1. Wash your hands for the recommended amount of time.
👉🏼Step 2. Wear a face mask as advised.

We must realise that no matter what we do, it is impossible to protect yourself 100%. We need to keep safe, but we need to try and relax that little bit more. It will help us see things more clearly and calmer.

I am not saying forget about the situation and jump on a crowded tube, but you should include short walks in parks, trying new recipes or anything else that you might enjoy.

We are going through a roller coaster of emotions, so let’s start doing more pleasant activities consistently. Let’s feel that happy again. The glass half full and all that!