BCAA Bites 😍

Check out these delicious smurf bites & post created by Eva " thenourishingmedic " on Instagram. She used our insannee blueraspberry flavoured LIFT 🙌 

If you’ve been in the fitness world for a while you’ve probably heard of BCAA – these are Branched Chain Amino Acids, which are generally used to help with muscle recovery and reduce soreness.
There has been loads of debate on whether these do much for the body or whether they’re a fitness hoax, and after extensive research, I can tell you they most definitely have their benefits, here’s a few:
👉 Energy - If you don’t want to take a stimulants or energy supplements, BCAAs could replace those and give you that extra boost to help your workout last longer and improve endurance.
👉 Muscle Breakdown – One of the BCAAs, Leucine, helps with muscle synthesis and can slow down muscle breakdown, hence reducing soreness and allowing you to maintain that muscle while burning fat.
👉 Strength - BCAA increase protein synthesis and decrease breakdown, which means that overall, they increase lean muscle mass and add strength and mass when combined with effective workouts.


How to make them?

👉 Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor. If you don’t have one, then check out something like the NUTRiBULLET 600 Series. It seems well priced from https://amzn.to/32rWKnu
👉 Roll into balls and cover in coconut flakes
👉 Chill and cover in BCAA dissolved in honey

Then enjoy 😍