Charlotte's 5 Tips for "HELTH"

Being healthy is unique to everyone. So, we have got some thoughts below from personal trainer and health coach, Charlotte.

For Charlotte, health is about feeling good in herself, feeling energised, having the ability to smash a workout and fuelling her body with amazing food.
But not only is being healthy about our bodies, but it is about our minds too. Our minds are so powerful, they give us motivation and determination, but be warned, they can get tired and fight against us which is why we need to look after them too!

Charlotte’s 5 Health Tips

👉🏼Stay active with things you enjoy. One thing that works for one person doesn’t work for another. We need to go on our own journey to figure out what works for us.

👉🏼Eat foods that we love. Everyone is looking for the secret to losing weight but there isn’t one! It’s as simple as consuming less calories than you are expending. You don’t have to suddenly clear out your cupboards and panic about your next food shop. Start with simple things, have a smaller portion, grill instead of fry, stop adding sugar and salt, cut down on oil, eat more fruit and veg, drink more water.

👉🏼Create a healthy lifestyle. There is no quick fix this. For example, super quick weight loss results online are not the answer, people will often feel miserable and then put all the weight back on. For every 1g of carbohydrates in our body we store 3g of water, when we deprive ourselves of carbs we will temporarily lose that water weight but it will always come back on! 

👉🏼Don’t ever think you're failing. It is completely normal to lose motivation, or to over indulge on a weekend, we all do it! Don’t waste time and energy feeling guilty, enjoy having a rest and enjoy indulging and then move on. What you don’t want to do is let that take over your whole week, if we drop our phone we don’t pick it up and throw it back on the floor until it smashes, so don’t do that to your bodies either.

👉🏼Stop waiting for something else before you can be happy. Losing that last few pounds or having picture perfect skin isn’t where happiness comes from. Happiness comes from you, from accepting the things you can’t change and having the courage to change the things you can. Stop waiting for a new week to start, get out there and go do something that makes you feel good and happy now.

OVERALL. You don’t have to be motivated to start, you just need to be ready. The motivation will come when you start to see the results and feel a difference. Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, truly listen to your body and you will achieve! 

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