Is Stretching Just a Waste of Time?

Author: Sinead McGill. A virtual trainer specialising in fitness & performance. For more FREE content then follow sineadcmcgillfitness on Instagram. 

Stretching seems to have gotten a little lost in recent times, especially more recently with a bigger emphasis on mobility training. The benefits of stretching/flexibility have been lost and whilst stretching in isolation will not improve your mobility, it is still a key component to unlocking your body’s movement potential and improving mobility.

Mobility is the combination of strength & flexibility, so without spending time working on your flexibility, you limit your body’s ability to access that greater range of motion. Simply put, if you want to move better, reduce injury risk and improve your mobility a little daily stretch will go a long way.

Stretching done regularly has the ability to not only improve you physically, but encourage a more focused mind, improve blood flow & reduce pain/inflammation, create a feeling a lightness & calm in the body and aid a deeper more restful sleep.

Stretching has many benefits both physically & mentally and whilst most commonly used post workout it is a great way any time of day to help unwind, refresh and have a little you time.

Chill out, stress less is definitely easier said than done but try adding our favourite short stretch video to your day, for a little something your mind and body will thank you for.