Smart Fitness & Eating Tips

Being home bound has led to reduced levels of activity, a deterioration of fitness levels, and an increase in stress & anxiety for a lot of people.

So, we have spoken with PT & fitness coach Rey Smart to share some of his top tips to help keep you in shape 💪🏼

 Fitness Tips

  1. Set a realistic goal and break it down into milestones. Add dates to those milestones and celebrate when you achieve them.
  2. Create a routine and try to stick to it as much as possible. It is better to start with working out 6 times a week and go down to four than to start with 4 and go down to 1 or none.
  3. Join an online fitness group doing something that you enjoy. This will keep you engaged and help you to remain focused.
  4. Connect with a workout buddy to train with through WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. Ask friends or family to help you keep accountable and stay on track. Training alone can be tough and training with others can help keep it fresh and even make it fun.
  5. Use tech or apps to monitor what you do, prompt and coach you. Wearables like fitness watches have great features that can monitor sleep, heart rate and activity. They can even remind us to keep active and increase goals to help us progress. 
Healthy Eating
  1. Plan your meals and write your shopping list based on the ingredients that you will need. Focus on meals that you will have to prepare as you will be less inclined to snack if you must make the effort to prepare and cook food.
  2. Snacking will introduce calories that you are unlikely to shift during this time. Try to substitute your snacks to healthier alternatives. Try to swap out snacks for fruits, salads and seeds. 
  3. Avoid processed foods because they are generally unhealthy and high in calories due to their salt, sugar and fat content. 
  4. Cut out juices and fizzy drinks. When we consume sugar, we generally want more sugar. It can be a vicious cycle. 
  5. Eat when you are hungry and reduce the size of your portions. Prepare a packed lunch to take to work. When I saw prepare make sure that sandwiches, salads or wraps are made by you. Only eat what you have packed and do not buy, accept or consume any snacks. 

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