The 3 Body Types Explained.

Which body type are you?

It is key to figure out your body type before you create your training & nutrition plans.

So, to help you out, we have highlighted the three basic body types so you can see where you’re closest to so you can tailor your plan to meet your needs.
Which one are you? Are you the ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph?


An ectomorph tends to be thin and struggles to gain weight (either body fat or muscle)

  • Narrow hips
  • Small joints (wrist/ankles)
  • Thin build
  • Long limbs

They can eat piles of food and stay looking the same. However, being an ectomorph doesn't mean you're doomed to be weak,
You can still get remarkably strong, and you can be every bit as fit and healthy as someone who looks larger and more muscular.
But if you want to gain weight, you'd better be prepared to eat like you've never eaten before.
To maximize body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) as an ectomorph, eat good-quality fats with moderate protein intake of 25 to 30 grams per meal.


The mesomorph has the best of both worlds. They tend to have wide shoulders, and a narrow waist.

In short, if you're a mesomorph, you have a natural tendency to be fit and relatively muscular.
This Does not mean you can do anything and get away with it forever though!
you may be able to get in shape more easily than the other two body types, But you aren’t necessarily healthier than the other two types and metabolisms can slow down with age.
To maximize body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) as a mesomorph, eat good-quality fats with moderate carbohydrates and lean protein.


The endomorph tends to gain weight and keep it on. Their build is a little wider than an ectomorph or mesomorph, with a thick ribcage, wide hips, and shorter limbs.

They may have more muscle than either of the other body types, but they often struggle to gain it without significant amounts of accompanying body fat.
This doesn’t mean that an endomorph can't be healthy. They can be every bit as strong, healthy, and capable as the other two groups, and may have some strength advantages due to their additional muscle mass.
But if or when they decide to lean out, it will take hard work!

However, despite what it might feel like at times, you're not completely bound to one category or the other so keep consistent.
If your metabolism is sluggish, you need to eat the right foods that will fire up your metabolism. Then Training wise, high-intensity activities such as HIIT and CrossFit are great. Also remember to eat good-quality fats and protein and limit your carbohydrate intake to maximize body composition.

PS have breakfast within 1 hour of waking to set yourself up for the day and to prevent your snacking later on. Also get yourself into a calorie deficit.

Falling between categories. Although there are three clear body types, it’s important to be aware that these aren’t set in stone!