Three steps to stop much

Having a snack is fine, but if you find yourself munching on crisps and cookies out of boredom rather than hunger then the below might help you. 

Step 1Keep a food diary
Start keeping a diary of what you are snacking on, why you are choosing that snack & whether you are feeling hungry when you get a snack.
Doing this can help you to identify what triggers unhealthy snacking. You might notice that you snack in the evening while watching TV. 
It’s okay to enjoy your food, but you want to be enjoying it for the right reasons. 
Once you know what’s behind your snacking habits, you can plan to break bad habits and make healthier choices.  

Step 2Eat regular, satisfying meals
Sometimes the desire to snack is your body telling you that it needs more nutrients. By increasing the amount of healthy food you eat at meals, you may find that you no longer need to snack. 

Step 3. Stay hydrated
How much water are you drinking?
The answer is often, “not very much!”. If this is you, then make a point of increasing your hydration (Drinking at least two litres of water each day).
When we get dehydrated, this can sometimes be interpreted by our bodies as hunger. This means that we might be tempted to snack when what we really need is a glass of water.