Time Under Tension

With gyms looking to be shut for a little longer and access to weights/equipment limited, there are still ways we can increase our strength/work capacity with limited or no equipment.

Time under tension (TUT) training is a popular method used to increase muscle stimulation by increasing the time the muscles are working for within a set.

Popular methods include slowing the lowering phase (eccentric) and adding a pause at the bottom of the movement.

Take a squat for example just using bodyweight count to 5 on the lowering phase, pause for 2 seconds at the bottom of the squat before pushing back up 2 seconds to the top. Notice how much more your legs will feel this after 10 reps as opposed to 1 second up/down.

This method can be utilised with pretty much any exercise and research has proven its ability to increase muscle growth.

Author: Sinead McGill. A virtual trainer specialising in fitness & performance. For more FREE content then follow sineadcmcgillfitness on Instagram.