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Top tips to add into your daily routine that can help improve your sleep quality.

  1. Exercise regularly (Just not right before bed). Exercise is one of the best science-backed ways to improve your sleep and health.
  2. Avoid caffeine in the evening. Caffeine can stay elevated in your blood for 6–8 hours. So, avoid it in the evenings.
  3. Cut the booze out. Alcohol is known to disrupt sleep patterns. So, drop the alcohol for a better night sleep.
  4. Relax and clear your mind in the evening. You could implement a strategy like listening to relaxing music, reading a book, taking a hot bath, meditating, or visualisation ahead of bedtime.
  5. Avoid blue light 2 hours before bed. The blue light comes from mobiles, the TV or your computers. So, either don’t use these things closer to bedtime. Or you could do the following:
  • Grab some glasses that block out blue light.
  • Download an app to block blue light on your laptop or computer if you don’t want the glasses.
  • Install an app that blocks blue light on your smartphone if you don’t want the glasses.
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